Review: Long Time Lost (By Chris Ewan)

Review: Long Time Lost (By Chris Ewan)

Long Time Lost is a thriller novel written by Chris Ewan, packed full of action and suspense…well that’s what it hints at on the blurb. Is it really full of enjoyable and thrilling scenes? Or is just wasted pages full of boring and mediocre action? Well, lets find out!



Long Time Lost had me in-and-out of boredom, providing twists here and there that didn’t have me gasping at all. Everything could be predicted, and I was really disappointed by that. It may have been jammed packed full of action and European trips, but sadly it was a little over packed. There was so much going on that sometimes I lost track, and when I initially started this book I had to look back at pages to remember who was who and what was going on. For this book, it was more quantity than quality.

As for the pace, I found that it was quite fast even though this book is over 400 pages, and I felt I couldn’t quite keep up, so it was a relief when I was on the last pages as they were paced better.

The amount of enjoyment and thrill that is to be expected from a book of the action and thriller genre is sadly absent, therefore reading this novel’s plot was more of a task than something I really wanted to do.

Plot Rating: 1 out of 4 Stars


These characters…were just so unsurprising. The main character is called Nick Miller, and he’s just what you’d find in an action movie. Big guy with a sad story that has led him to become what he is. Unfortunately, there isn’t any real character development with Nick Miller, and he stays the same for the whole story.

As for another character called Kate…I hated her. She was like a demanding toddler who couldn’t hold back her feelings and was just a liability. I wish she wasn’t a part of the story, but sadly she was. Each page that had dialogue from Kate made me hate her more because she didn’t change either! She is a strong female who wants to take charge now and again which is great, but she isn’t one to consider the interests and safety of others first which annoyed me.

And as for other characters, I believe each added a special something to the story due to how different they were. DS Lloyd was a side character who took centre stage a few times, and I found her side of the story to be quite interesting as Nick Miller was something DS Lloyd wasn’t. He was illegal, and she was a part of the police force. She offered an insight into the legal side of Witness Protection and tracking people down, and I found each chapter that involved her to be a fresh breath of air. She was a character I didn’t like at first because she acted and behaved like she knew everything before anyone else, but slowly she began to see that she had things wrong and that’s where I started liking her. She changed! The only character to do so and I was so happy!

Character Rating: 2 out of 4 Stars


I’ll be completely honest here. I battled with myself when it came to finishing the book or leaving it incomplete. The story was lacking something, and it left me wondering whether it was worth my time finishing the book to find out the outcome. Due to this feeling alone, I must say that this book didn’t grip me at all.

Grip Rating: 0 out of 2 Stars

Overall it was a quite mediocre novel and I think it would be better to see this on the big screen with some major edits to the story to actually make it enjoyable and thrilling. It’s not worth the read unless you’re a major fan of the action/thriller genre, therefore I have to say that this book was a big disappointment.

Overall Rating: 1 + 2 + 0 = 3 out of 10 Stars



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Review: The Widow (By Fiona Barton)

Review: The Widow (By Fiona Barton)

The Widow is a thriller novel written by Fiona Barton, and is considered a great read for Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train fans (although I would disagree…).

Jean Taylor’s husband hid a secret, and once he died, the media were all over her and asking questions. Could their suspicions be true? Did Jean know what her husband did? There’s no reason to stay quiet anymore. People want to hear her story. She can now tell them the secrets that haunted her, and others.

For a thriller book, can I really say it’s thrilling? Well, let’s find out.



The story is centred around Jean Taylor, a recent widow, and goes back and forth between the present and before her husband died. Their relationship is the classic type we see in lots of books, whereby there were fireworks and love at the start and then it just fizzled out in the end. As a reader, I wanted to know why her husband was so important to her as they never really talked, and why he had an impact on the story despite his absence. This is something that soon became clear, but it wasn’t something that shocked me. Instead, I said ‘Oh. Okay’, which wasn’t how I wanted to react. A thriller should make you gasp in disbelief and make you feel excited, but because it was something quite predictable from early on, it was quite a let down.

As I had reached the climax of the story, I honestly wasn’t surprised. At all. Therefore I can only use one word to describe the whole plot: disappointing.

Plot Rating: 1 out of 4 Stars


Jean is the main character in this novel, but she is completely dull. She lacked any real character, and the only thing that made me interested in her was her secret scrapbook she kept. She didn’t offer much to the story as it was based on her husband’s actions, and she had to deal with the consequences. But even when she dealt with the media and all that was bad, she didn’t do anything. She was idle, and didn’t bother being at least argumentative or defensive, which made me frustrated. All she did was tell the story. That was it.

There are other characters, such as the husband and journalist, but they were just as bland too. The husband, when he was alive, just hid away in his room and didn’t do anything else. He was only mysterious because he was the one that did something very bad, but even then it was easy to tell what he was doing. As for the journalist, she wasn’t very different from your average nosy journalist, and all she did was help Jean reveal all.

Character Rating: 1 out of 4 Stars


I will admit that I kept reading the story because I wanted to see how the secret would unfold and whether there was anything that was shocking, but I was letdown.

Rather than being gripping, it felt necessary to read on just to see how everything turned out and what Jean would do once she confessed everything.

Grip Rating: 1 out of 2 Stars

In all, it was a very boring and unsatisfying read that I will not be returning to in the future. I do not believe it can compare to The Girl on the Train, and doing so is a mistake. You can pretty much guess the story line, but there is no element of surprise or even suspense, which would have been very welcome.

Overall Rating: 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 out of 10 Stars



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Review: I Found You (By Lisa Jewell)

Review: I Found You (By Lisa Jewell)

I Found You is a book written by Lisa Jewell, and follows the lives of two women who become entwined in the same story, yet unknowingly start to uncover the truth behind a 23-year-old mystery.

Picking up this book and purchasing this read, I didn’t know what kind of journey I was about to take…


The story is very interesting, and is one that I have never encountered before. A man, sat alone on a beach, unable to remember his name or why he is there, is a very odd yet fascinating introduction. It is instantly gripping, and paves way for such a plot twisting story, full of mystery, history and lies.

Back in 1993, a saddening incident occurred (in the book, obviously) and there was a fatality, alongside two missing people. The only survivor was a teenage boy. This is what the whole story centres around, and what the major characters try to discover the truth about. Who was the boy? What happened to the missing people? Are they alive? And what has this got to do with our main characters? All of this is what makes the plot so mysterious, and is definitely worth hours of reading!

Plot Rating: 4 out of 4 Stars


I’m being completely honest when I say this, but it was hard to dislike any of the characters who narrated (this is a good thing!).

Lily and Alice are our major characters within this story, and are both are unknowingly entwined in this mystery by fate, but these are ladies that take a strong lead and I am in awe of them. One, a Ukrainian foreigner married to a missing man, and the other, a single mother of three. Both were characters that I admired very much due to their very different natures and I loved the fact that the writing style changed slightly when the Ukrainian character, Lily, took to narrating. Suddenly it became limited in sentence structure and I really felt that there was a change in narrative.

The man on the beach, Frank, also takes a turn at narrating, and I found that I also enjoyed his character. A vulnerable yet strong man, all he wanted was to get to the bottom of his identity and find out who he is/was, why he was at the beach and what is haunting his subconscious so badly.

Character Rating: 4 out of 4 Stars


This was seriously gripping and had me hooked from page one! Harrowing and Intriguing, I Found You is a book that pulls you in from the very beginning, and switches narratives so cleverly that it leaves to you wondering each time ‘What happens next?’ and ‘Why is this happening?

Grip Rating: 2 out of 2 Stars

In all, I really enjoyed this book and the hold it had over me. It was such a seductive read, and had me wanting more! Definitely worth a read, and I wouldn’t hesitate reading it again!

Overall Rating: 4+4+2 = 10 out of 10 Stars


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