Review: The Good Girl (By Fiona Neill)

Review: The Good Girl (By Fiona Neill)

A dark and captivating read, The Good Girl is a novel all about the secrets we keep, those that get out and the ones that end up tearing us apart.

Written by Fiona Neill, this book promises to give us a dark story with lots of drama and destruction, but is it all that?



This story focuses on a high schooler called Romy, who happens to be the ‘good girl’ of her family, but this isn’t the case for much longer. The secrets that her family keeps soon start to come to light, and this causes Romy to change and become that little bit rebellious. Now, I could see this kind of situation happening from a mile away and wasn’t at all surprised, but it was still really compelling and I just had to read on because it all happens at a great pace that manages to trap you beautifully.

Shortly after the first chapter, we are given the introduction of new characters. They provided the perfect fuel for Romy’s family’s quiet fire, and soon this fire is spouting out drama and threatens to destroy the perfect appearance that her family were trying to convey. Secrets were coming out/resurfacing and I loved it! Romy’s damaged family managed to put Romy in a good light, but soon even Romy herself is going to be involved in something so shocking and unbelievable that it threatens to put her in a bad light. The scenes that played out were amazing but all so predictable, and sometimes I thought it was a little exaggerated. Despite this, the drama was something that reflected actual events that happen in real life, so I was happy that Fiona Neill brought these to light.

Plot Rating: 3 out of 4 Stars


Romy is the main character for this story, and it’s told from her POV (Point of  view). From the moment I first looked upon the sentences that were written, I knew she was completely set on her feelings for everyone around her. That is a fact until she meets her new neighbours. I have to say though, I didn’t like her at first because she seemed so confident of her thoughts and of everyone else, and this made her come across as a judgemental girl. Throughout the story however, she slowly becomes less judgemental and because of the secrets that come out, she changes her views of certain people. Even so, I still didn’t like her. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but she’s just a bit of an over-confident teenager who puts herself first before anyone else.

As for the Romy’s family and the neighbouring family/other characters, I found them to be interesting as each had their own secret, but those secrets were pretty easy to guess, therefore it slightly dulled the excitement that was yet to come.

As for the neighbouring family, they have a young son called Jay, who also happens to be Romy’s age and attends her school. Jay is your average teenager who is desperate to explore the female body and well…I won’t spoil but I wasn’t surprised when I found out his secret. He soon becomes a part of her life, but that is exactly when the fuel is added to her family’s fire. The more interaction that occurs between herself and Jay, the more the fire builds up and soon will cause chaos to both families.

Character Rating: 2½ out of 4 Stars


This whole story is full of revelations, but unsurprisingly they were easy to guess. Both families have their fair share of secrets and dark sides, but they were so predictable and a little too fictional that it wasn’t exciting. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable read and definitely gripping, but not to the point that I was in love.

Grip Rating: 2 out of 2 Stars

In conclusion, it was a good read which undoubtedly started off great but soon became too wild and unrealistic and sadly I found the ending of the book disappointing, and frankly felt underwhelmed with the build up of events leaving you feeling whether you actually liked it or not.

Overall Rating: 3 + 2½ + 2 = 7½ out of 10 Stars



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