Thinking of writing a book? Me too!

Thinking of writing a book? Me too!

Hi there!

Now you may have read from the title that I have thought about writing about my own book, and it’s true! After discovering Wattpad and finding stories written by every day people, I felt inspired to do the same.

Now, thinking about a story plot and all of that business sounds easy and it kind of is, but actually plucking up the courage to start writing it out is a different story! I have the perfect plot, characters and twists for my story, but I’m having trouble actually starting it.

Here’s where this post gets more active. I’d love for anyone who has the same desire as me (the urge to write), or is writing/already written books to comment below or email my business email (will be listed below) to let me know how they manage to actually start writing and/or if they haven’t already, what’s stopping you?

If you’ve already published books on Wattpad and would like a review of your story/stories, please do get in touch! 



Thank you for reading!

Hello 2018!

Hello 2018!

Happy New Year everyone! Wow, didn’t 2017 fly by?!

I’m here to say that another year means another load of books to read, so where do we start? Well, there are still a few books on my shelf (and pending book reviews) I have yet to dig into, so 2018 reviews will be a mixed bag.

I’ll have more information for you all (and reviews) soon, so for now dig into my other reviews if you haven’t already, and get started with your 2018 resolutions!

Review: Menacingly (By Autumn Summers)

Review: Menacingly (By Autumn Summers)

A Wattpad story written by Autumn Summers, Menacingly follows the story of Angela and how she winds up falling for a Mafia man.

It sounds a little weird at first because you rarely find yourself having to deal with these kind of men (Mafia men obviously) but reading Angela’s growing love for her captor, it was rather nice and different to stories I had read before, but was it a good read? Let’s see!



Based around Angela’s new-found love with her captor, Adriano, the book’s plot doesn’t deter from the main story and offers the reader all the seduction and tears that they desire. From the passionate encounters between the two to the clashes they have, the plot successfully leaves the reader wanting to know more and even feeling sympathy for certain characters.

The plot also looks at the Mafia life and the rivalry that Adriano’s family has with another Italian Mafia family, and despite this being more subdued at the beginning of the book, the influence that the rivalry has on the two characters is big as you progress, making the plot juicy and addicting!

Additionally, I found that the chapters were balanced just right between these two major story lines and had a great effect with each and every character in this story, leaving no character behind and ensuring the reader has feelings for everyone and fully allowing the reader to indulge in the plot and the drama.

Plot Rating: 4 out of 4 Stars


The main character was called Angela and she was someone who had gone through quite a tough time, leaving her relatively timid and jumpy. She was co-operate and patient, and even though at times she kind of got on my nerves because all she seemed to be was a puppy, I actually grew to like her. She was different to others I had read because she wasn’t overly strong or outspoken. She was fragile yet as the story progressed, she managed to gain a resilience whilst maintaining her fragility.

However, one thing that made me think she was completely dumb was the fact that she couldn’t figure out what Adriano did for a living. All the hints were there yet she seemed oblivious to what Adriano was – a gangster.

Speaking of Adriano, I found that I had mixed feelings towards him. He was hot one minute then cold the other (insert Katy Perry song here) and seemed to have an issue telling Angela his true feelings, and although I can see why he had such an issue doing so, it only made me roll my eyes. He was fighting his feelings then letting them be free, and even though it was tiring to see this occurring again and again, I really liked how he turned out in the end. He was protective and absolutely adored Angela, making me feel all gooey inside just reading how he felt about her.

As for the other characters, I found that even though they weren’t in much of the story, they all had dimension to them and felt real. You could get a clear image of them and what they were like, allowing the reader to have feelings towards them whether it may be love, hate or annoyance. One character in particular who brought out happiness in me and made me smile was Mike, Adriano’s younger brother and absolute flirt. Despite not being a major character, he definitely affected the story to the same degree and brought characters together. Everyone had a part to play, and I loved that.

Character Rating: 3½ out of 4 Stars


I was absolutely addicted to this book and managed to finish it within two days! It was utterly entertaining and hard to put down, therefore I consider this book definitely gripping.

Grip Rating: 2 out of 2 Stars

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I am a sucker for romance books, and the romantic content in this book had me thirsty for more! Autumn Summers delivered a very entertaining book worth recommending that had me laughing, crying, smiling and sometimes leaving me on edge!

Overall Rating: 4 + 3½ + 2 = 9½ out of 10 Stars



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Review: The Shadow Hour (By Kate Riordan)

Review: The Shadow Hour (By Kate Riordan)

The Shadow Hour is a historical fiction novel that skips between two separate years (1922 and 1878) and follows the story of Grace, a woman who has been sent to a stately home called Fenix House to follow in the footsteps of her grandmother as a governess, but the reason as to why her grandmother has sent her there is clouded in mystery.

At 528 pages in Paperback, is this book worth your time? Find out below!



As mentioned, this plot skips between two periods. The first period tells us about the present (which is the 1920’s in this story) whereby we meet Grace. A character who has grown up with her grandmother’s stories about Fenix House and the people who resided there so she’s quite scared yet excited to travel there as a governess. Reading her journey to this place had me riddled with curiosity, and I couldn’t wait to learn more about these stories her grandmother had lived through and the people that resided at the house now. Additionally, everything was described in rich detail, so much so that the environment felt alive and as much a part of the story as the characters. The detailing of the overgrown gardens and vines on the Fenix stately home in 1922 hinted as to what kind of characters lived in the house, and I found that it also have the house a sense of character. A building that had endured and seen so much as well as growing old with time.

As for the other period, which is set in 1878, we meet the other main character. She is the grandmother of Grace, and here we get to read about her experience working at Fenix House and what kind of life she lived while there. If I’m honest, I knew that some things were going to happen, such as romance, but some of the plot twists that appear and the behaviour of other characters really threw me off and had me scoffing, gasping and really feeling something for some of the characters. The story was something I could half guess and half couldn’t, leaving me shocked at some of the scenes that played out and utterly speechless at others.

Plot Rating: 3½ out of 4 Stars


Each character played a significant role within this story, with Grace being the one to uncover which person plays which role. I found that this element allowed me, as the reader, to bond better with Grace as we are learning alongside her and uncovering these secrets with her. Granted, I didn’t have an initial opinion about Grace when I started the book, but as I progressed I found her to be a simple character who just wants to get to the bottom of her grandma’s stories. She’s nothing exceptionally special, but how she came to be was a real shock (which I’ll leave for you to discover).

As for Grace’s grandma, I actually felt quite neutral towards her and then began to slowly develop a liking for her because of how complicated her life became during her time employed at the house. She was a character that related to most young women (at least in my opinion) whereby she just wanted to get on with work but also faced challenges she wish she didn’t have to endure and became a part of situations she didn’t ask to be involved in. Love, sadness and mystery a part of her story and I thought this matched quite well with a simple woman because it allowed to character development and potential change which would offer shock to the reader as well as excitement.

There are numerous characters within this historical fictional novel, therefore I’d like to sum them all up in one word rather than describe them in paragraphs: riveting.

Character Rating: 4 out of 4 Stars


As per usual when starting off a book, the beginning didn’t have me hooked instantly so it took a while for me to get into it, however it does get interesting rather quickly (around 20 pages in) because it gets straight into it. Grace is setting off towards Fenix House and talks about what her grandmother told her, and from here we are learning alongside Grace when it comes to the truth about the house and family, therefore gripping you as you read. So in all, is it gripping? Yes.

Grip Rating: 2 out of 2 Stars

Altogether, I’d say that I found The Shadow Hour to be a very interesting book that had me more curious after each chapter and tempting me to re-read Jane Eyre due to the reminiscent themes. I wouldn’t re-read this particular book again, but I’m glad I read it at least once.

Overall Rating: 3½ + 4 + 2 = 9½ out of 10 Stars



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Monthly Book Buys – SEPTEMBER

Monthly Book Buys – SEPTEMBER

Hi everyone! Gosh does time fly, and here we are again with another Monthly Book Buys. This month I decided to buy two books:


Welcome to Lagos by Chihundu Onuzu



 i am missing by Tim Weaver


I bet you’re wondering why I only bought two books. Well, the truth is that at the moment it is taking me some time to read through the books I currently possess, therefore I want to limit the amount I buy every month so I’m not speed reading through books.

Until next time, keep reading and enjoy!


Have you already read these books? If so, what are your thoughts? And if you haven’t, would you be interested in giving these books a read? Leave your comments below!

Review: After the Fire (By Will Hill)

Review: After the Fire (By Will Hill)

After the Fire is a fictional novel written by Will Hill, and is centred on a young girl called Moonbeam who happened to be a part of a cult called ‘The Lords Legion’, but that’s not all. As the title says, Moonbeam has been witness to a huge fire at the cult’s base which has killed most of the people she called Brothers and Sisters. Now she is in the care of a Government section called the ATF, whereby we learn about her life in The Lords Legion and what really happened as she is interviewed by a Doctor and a FBI agent.

Here is where Moonbeam will begin her trip back to before the fire…



This story starts off pretty sharply, with the fire currently blazing away and our main character in panic and pain. At first I was confused as to what was going on, and I liked that I felt this way because it meant that I was in store for some pretty riveting and potentially shocking information. Little did I know how long the story would take until we actually reach the explanation as to what led to the events that start off the story. Despite its length though, I enjoyed every page and even gasped at a few parts because of the disgust or sadness that I was experiencing. Every chapter had me feeling an emotion, but the last 200 pages had me at my most shocked because of the amount of twists that appeared. Disbelief ran through me and anger was something I felt too, so I must say that this story was an emotional journey that I wasn’t expecting.

Additionally, I found the non-chronological sequence of the story a better fit for it as it allowed for me to connect better with the main character as she told the story in parts whereby she felt strong enough to let the Doctor and FBI agent know, but it also allowed for an easier emotional response to events because of how intense they got as you progressed through the book. Essentially, I thought it was a good way to get through to the reader and allow a better build up of emotions because of how worse and unbelievable events became as Moonbeam spilled all.

Plot Rating: 4 out of 4 Stars


Moonbeam is the central character within this story as it is her side of events and her experiences that tell us everything about The Lords Legion and where she fitted into everything. She’s a character that is clearly in shock after the fire (I mean who wouldn’t be?) and we are led to belief that she is to blame for the fire due to what she says inside her head. I liked this element of voices in her head because it added an extra something to her character that made her feel a bit more real to me, and gave me a bit of a better understanding towards Moonbeam as she’s a character who’s still in the middle of forgetting The Lords Legion and its’ beliefs or thinking it could be all true.

Even though she was a bit of a muddled character at first, I grew to like her and feel empathy towards her as the story progressed. The life she lived and things she experienced were terrifying, and I really wanted her to have a happy ending, but as to whether or not she did is for you to find out.

The Doctor and FBI agent that interviewed Moonbeam were likeable characters, and I found them to be really nice and understanding. They weren’t emotionless, but I did find the Doctor’s use of jargon to be a bit too professional as I thought Moonbeam wouldn’t be able to understand half of what he was talking about. Even so, Moonbeam came out of her shell as the story went on, and I found her ease with both men welcoming as it meant she was being brave for the sake of getting everything off her chest and telling them everything, even if she didn’t fully trust them yet.

Lastly, the one character that stood out and was to blame for everyone’s misery…Father John. The leader of The Lords Legion and alleged messenger of the Lord Himself. I can’t express my hatred for this man in words, but I will say this. He was an evil and power-hungry man who was the only one who benefitted from the cult (as per usual in cults).

Character Rating: 4 out of 4 Stars


In all honesty, the first few pages had me fuelled with curiosity, but after that it was a little slow. I stopped reading this book for about a week or two before I got back to reading it, and by then I became a bit more hooked as I progressed with the story and learned more and became intrigued again. Basically, it doesn’t become truly gripping until the last 200 pages when everything is just causing emotions to run through the reader like crazy.

Grip Rating: 1½ out of 2 Stars

In all, I really enjoyed this novel and would highly recommend it to anyone who finds cult based stories interesting. I am definitely a person who is intrigued by the power cults can hold over people, and I truly sympathise with those who have been through traumatic events caused by involvement in cults or anything else similar. This novel is an eye opener as it shows what kind of damage is inflicted on those who survive events like this, and I thank Will Hill for providing a novel that really gets the reader thinking and feeling.

Overall Rating: 4 + 4 + 1½ = 9½ out of 10 Stars



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